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Principles of Audio Video Technology

Grade Level
: 10-12
Prerequisite: None  
Semesters:  2        Credits: ½
Intro to Media Technology is a fun and exciting course designed to provide hands-on training in video and television production.  This course will provide basic training in the use of camera operation, direction, lighting, sound and editing.  Students will write, direct, produce and edit their own productions and will be prepared for the more challenging productions created in Audio Video Production and Advanced Audio Video Production.

Audio/Video Production
Grade Level: 10-12
Prerequisite: Principles of Audio Video
Semesters:  2    Credits: 2
The course offers the student an opportunity to develop skills in a variety of areas which include: scripting film-style storylines, writing news copy, developing plot lines for production videos, cameral operation shoulder mount Panasonic DVC cameras, High Definition Sony cameras and studio cameras at KHGN-17, computer editing using Final Cut Pro 7.  All elements of video/film production are covered during the year.

Advanced Audio/Video Production
Grade Level:  11-12
Prerequisite:  Audio/Video Production
Semester:   2 Credits:  2
This course is designed to have the students become actively involved with local media production and broadcast companies.  A wide variety of production projects will be produced during the year including: radio/t.v. commercials,  CardinalTelevision, novela/soap/mini-movies, a replica scene from a movie, music videos, newscast, musicals, autobiographies to creating a 30 second television commercial for a local business owner/company.  All students will compile a professional reel, (video resume), of their work.  Students may not enter at 18 week interval.

Class Schedule

1st Period A B Days (8:15-9:45)

Audio Video Production
2nd Period/A B Days (9:51- 11:21)

Audio Video Production

3rd Period A + B days (11:27-12:57)
4th period (1:39-2:29)
5th period (2:23-4:05)
Principles of Audio Video Production
Advanced Audio Video Production

Classroom RulesGrading Policy
  1. No Cell Phones
  2. No Food or Drinks near editing bays or equipment
  3. Treat each other with respect
  4. Stay on task
  1. Verbal Warning
  2. After Class Detention
  3. Parent Conference
  4. Referral to Principal
  • Daily Work =50%
  • Tests/Projects=30%
  • Participation= 20%